(Mindy Johnson)

I am waiting for my groom
He has gone to prepare a place for me
In his house there are many, many rooms, he tells me
And I have a place for you

My groom will be back for me
When the time is right
I’ll keep my lamps trimmed and burnin'
The rest of my life


I’m spoken for, he has my heart
He gave his life, he won my soul, won my soul
I’m forever, forever spoken for

He has given me a dress of white
All clean and pure
The stains of sin and blood he wore for me
What can I give him, but all of me


Undeserving of this beautiful groom
Infinitely more beautiful
I can’t imagine just how much he loves me
His perfect love poured out for me


= = = = = = = = =
Lead Vocal: Mindy Johnson
Background Vocals: Mindy Johnson, Mark Duckworth,
Piano: Mindy Johnson
Acoustic Guitar: Jeff Johnson
Electric Guitar: Lance Doss
Lead Guitar: Lance Doss
12 String: John Nanni
Bass: Dow Tomlin
Drums: Peter Young
Congas: Craig Harper
Shaker: John Nanni
Afuche: Craig Harper
= = = = = = = = =
©2012. All Rights Reserved by 4 Truth Music (ASCAP); Triple Creeks Music (ASCAP).

Behind the Song

Jesus calls himself the groom and we, the church, are his bride. 
I think to gain a greater understanding of what this means, perhaps we need to look at the customs of that day.

What does "keep your lamps trimmed and burning mean?"

Why is the "preparing a place for me" concept so important?

What about the "dress of white, clean and pure?"

A great resource

When someone is spoken for, they are claimed, they are reserved, set aside, engaged. 
I have been won, the groom paid my price as in Jewish custom...and that price was death.
Jesus paid it with his own life.
And now he prepares a place for me in His Father's house.
And He will come back for me and I'll be waiting.

I don't deserve Him.  I could never deserve or earn eternal life with Him.  He gives it to me.  Freely. 
How much He loves me!  That He would give of himself, that He would grant me mercy and grace over and over again.
That I don't have to be ashamed of my sin, but turn to Him and ask Him for forgiveness and it's gone!